Recycle the present, save the future

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About IICA

Inland Importers and Consumers Association (IICA) was founded in 2007 by Mr. Sudhir K Aggarwal. IICA is a National Association, representing the interest of all India’s Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals recycling industry and regional association of India like MRAI, ANMA, JEMMA, BNFM, BME, AIIFA with collective strength comprising over 15000 small, medium & large scale companies, directly and indirectly. IICA organize, promote and educate by organizing international conferences and seminars in INDIA with various Govt. Officials and Departments.

IICA is educating general public, its members and various stake holders to promote recycling activities in India in organized & environment friendly manner. We are also interacting with different Ministries to give recycling an Industry Status and bring all kinds of recycling activities like Iron & Steel recycling, Non-Ferrous metals recycling (like Copper, Aluminium scrap, etc.), Paper, Plastic, Cloth, Electronics recycling, other types of recycling etc. under one umbrella of Recycling Ministry, so that there is sustainable development in India. IICA is actively participating in recycling conferences in foreign countries and educating their Indian members

Here, IICA gives a brief synopsis of Recycling activities in India and the various issues faced by Indian Metal Recycling Industry and suggestions to the Govt. of India on possible solutions, as under.

Currently, this Metal Recycling activity is handled by five different Ministries in India.

Recycling truly is an adaptation of our Prime Minister’s dream Project of “SWACH BHARAT” as well as “MAKE IN INDIA” Campaign.

Our Mission

  • To promote green recycling of metal and scrap.
  • To preserve the natural ecosystem on which our future generation is dependant.
  • Facilitation of industry and track for developing and providing knowledge for simplest ways of recycling which are environment friendly.
  • To bridge the gap between industry, trade, government organization and various agencies.
  • IICA listen to recyclers ,traders and various Government officials to understand each and every challenge.
  • Promote the fundamental of recycling within the framework.

Area Of Work

We act as a bridge between the industry and the government of India who facilitate the industry liaison with the government.

IICA is an important channel of communication for the Recycling Industry with the Government, National and International organizations. The Society works closely with all the concerned stake holders and actively participates in formulation of rules, regulations and policies related to the Automobile Industry.

With its regular and continuous interaction with international bodies and organizations it aims to facilitate up gradation of technical capabilities of the Indian Industry to match the best practice worldwide.

IICA also interacts with worldwide experts to assess the global trends and developments shaping the Recycling Industry. It has been actively pursuing issues likeHarmonisation of Safety and Emission Standards etc. Dissemination of information is an integral part of IICA'S activities, which it does through various publications, reports, seminars and conferences.

IICA provides a window to the Indian Recycling industry and aims to enhance exchanges and communication expand economics, trade and technical cooperation between the Recycling Industry and its international counterparts.

President Message

The IICA in last 6 years has been successful in many ways! We built upon the stunning successes of the past several years and the commitment of members to participate in working the activities.

I would certainly highlight significant accomplishments of our committee:

The Committee Process: The goal was to get every Recycler on at least one of our committees. Although we did not quite reach this goal, I know if this remains a high priority, a strong committee will only get stronger! I thank those of you who embraced the change and worked through the committee process!

Please join me in full support for our better future, and its my responsibility to lead you in the positive direction as this community has enjoyed during the past number of years.

About President..