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Recycle the present, save the future

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Following are various Press Releases / News Articles related to MRAI and Metal Recycling in general:

09/09/2016 Scrap Recycling Conference Emerging Markets
13/08/2016 Scrap Recycling Conference Participant List
29/06/2016 Notification No. 13
29/06/2016 Public Notice 19
29/06/2016 DGFT Instruction DTD
28/06/2016 Circular from Ministry of Finance, Govt of India
28/06/2016 Notification from Ministry of Finance, Govt of India
24/06/2016 Notification from DG Shipping Mumbai
19/05/2016 Report of the Committee on transparency in transaction cost
24/02/2016 Transparency in transaction cost Annexure-III-A
04/01/2016 Inland Importers & Consumers Association Annexure-III
23/02/2016 Rate General of Shipping, Mumbai Annexure-II
05/02/2016 Transparency in transaction cost Annexure-I & I-A
04/04/2016 Ministry of Environment & Forest
04/03/2015 Issuance of Circular treating the 5 years restricted registration as one time umder schedule III
23/02/2015 Request for issue of Circular! Public Notice for One time registration of Traders as per Notification No. S.O. 710 (E)
09/10/2014 Issue of one time registration as per MOEF Notification NO. S.O.710 (El Dated 3O.O3.2O10)
04/04/2012 EXXON VALDEZ comes to India for scrapping The times of India,Mumbai
30/01/2012 British Government likely to ban cash purchase/sale of Scrap Metal BMRA
17/01/2012 Radioactive tissue holders pulled from stores USATODAY
16/12/2011 India to install radiation monitors for steel scrap import at all major port Steel Guru
16/12/2011 India has 1407 steel plants - Steel ministry Steel Guru
10/05/2011 Sims Metal acquires Dunn Brothers. Steel Guru
19/04/2011 Interview with Mr. Ikbal Nathani in MMR magazine Minerals & Metals Review
14/02/2011 Bangladesh government to declare ship breaking an industry Steel Guru
08/02/2011 Delistment of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies DGFT
08/02/2011 Temporary Suspension of Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies DGFT
25/01/2011 Towards a national policy on recycling Recycle Now
01/01/2011 A report on Metal Recycling Metal World